WATCH: 2020 Tennessee Williams Tribute

WATCH: Lift Every Voice-Poetry and Movement for this Moment – O’Neal Library

WATCH: Radical Poetry Reading – The Brooklyn Rail

WATCH: Ashley M. Jones at Art Box – Monticello, GA

Excess – Virginia Quarterly Review

Love Note: Surely – Virginia Quarterly Review

Greatest Nigger Who Ever Lived – Virginia Quarterly Review

Magic City Poetry – Gravy Podcast

WATCH: Magic City Gospel at Terrific New Theatre


Home Security – Redivider

Three Poems – The Rumpus

Who Will Survive In America, Or, 2017: A Horror Film- Ours Poetica, Poetry Foundation

Poem In Which I Inhabit A Founding Father – Vulcan Historical Review

In My Dream, I’m Shot Again and Again – Hoxie Gorge Review

Words With Friends – Hoxie Gorge Review

The Self Returns, A Year Later – Hoxie Gorge Review

Redlining – Portside

Two Poems – Steel Toe Review

Photosynthesis – Gravy (Southern Foodways Alliance)

Summer Vacation in the Subjunctive – SWIMM Every Day

Two Poems – The Offing

Contrapuntal with Gladys Knight and Infidelity – The Missouri Review

Four Poems – Oxford American

Broadside by Caitlin R. Taylor for Southern Humanities Review

Aubade with Lalah Hathaway and Rachelle Ferrell – Bomb Cyclone

What Lives in the If in Al Green’s ‘Simply Beautiful’ – Bomb Cyclone

A Poem About the Body – Southern Humanities Review

Bestiary of Bad Kisses – Southern Humanities Review

The Kid Next To Me At The 7pm Showing Of The Avengers Has A Toy Gun – Backbone Press – Winner of the 2018 Lucille Clifton Poetry Prize

Broken Sonnet for the Decorative Cotton for Sale at Whole Foods – The Sun Magazine


I See A Smear of Animal on the Road and Mistake it for Philando Castile – Split this Rock

Two Poems by Ashley M. Jones – Pidgeonholes

Three Poems by Ashley M. Jones – Scoundrel Time

Split This Rock Special Issue – Origins Journal

WATCH: Ashley M. Jones – UAB Visiting Writers Series – Birmingham, AL

“There Is A Bell at Morehouse College” – Origins Journal

Hair” and “Who Will Survive in America? Or 2017: A Horror Film” – TRACK // FOUR 

“Think of a Marvelous Thing / It’s The Same As Having Wings” – Inspicio Magazine

WATCH: from Magic City Gospel: University Honors Program Alumni Lecture Series – Birmingham, AL

WATCH: Diverse New Voices Reading at Laurel Book Store – Oakland, CA

LISTEN: Magic City Gospel at Nitty Gritty Magic City Reading Series – Birmingham, AL

WATCH: Magic City Gospel at Books & Books – Coral Gables, FL:


WATCH: Shine Bright Poetry Reading:

WATCH: Magic City Gospel Release Party Reading:

“(I’m Blue) The Gong Gong Song, or America the Beautiful” – Prelude

“Poem for Revolution” – Prelude

“To The Black Man Popping A Wheelie On Interstate 59 North On 4th of July Weekend” – Tupelo Quarterly Issue 10

“What Flew Out of Aunt Hester’s Scream” – Tupelo Quarterly Issue 10

“love /luv/,” “Recitation,” and “(Black) Hair” – Connotation Press

“Election Year 2016: The Motto” – Propter Nos Vol. 1 Issue 1

WATCH: Ashley M. Jones’ reading at Bluestockings Bookstore in New York City 07/16/2016

WATCH: Ashley M. Jones’ reading at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop in New York City 07/15/16

WATCH: Ashley M. Jones’ reading at InSpero’s Magic City Storytellers Event in Birmingham, AL 05/12/2016


Three Poems by Ashley M. Jones – Steel Toe Review

WATCH: sample of Ashley M. Jones’ reading at Lost in the Letters Reading Series in Atlanta, GA 03/12/2016

Viewing a KKK Uniform at the Civil Rights Institute – Academy of American Poets

LISTEN: Five Poems by Ashley M. Jones in the Spring 2016 issue of PMS PoemMemoirStory:

De Soto Leaves a Negro:

Corn Silk Barbie:

List of Famous Alabama Slaves:

How To Make Your Daughters Culturally Aware and Racially Content During Christmastime: 

BIrmingham Fire and Rescue Haiku, 1963: 

WATCH: sample of Ashley M. Jones’ reading at the University of Montevallo 11/11/2015

WATCH: Ashley M. Jones at the 2013 Miami Book Fair International

Teaching J to Read – Geoffrey Philip’s Blog

Selected Poems – 2013 Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy

Selected Poems – 2014 Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy

In The Beginning, There Was A Sound – Night Owl

spinster – Night Owl

“The Ballad of Pearl Bailey” and “What The Glass Eye Saw” (audio) – Reading Queer’s O, Hi There

The History Books Have Forgotten Horace King – kinfolks Quarterly, Issue 3

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